Electrician & Plumber

Wear and tear over a certain period of usage is a common attribute for any facility. It calls for regular checks and timely repairs to maintain the poise of the facility. We are endowed with a qualified team of Specialist Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons and Carpenters, who comprehensively address this domain of maintenance, to the standards as so desired by the client.


Housekeeping Services is the foundation stone of all facility management services. We are one of the best housekeeping service providers in Karnataka.

A good housekeeper provides the client with a wide variety of professional services and takes on the responsibilities of cleaning, laundry, cooking, and running errands. Each organization is unique therefore the duties and responsibilities are also diversified.

We provide trained house-keeping staff that will ensure a clean, safe environment at all times. We also ensure to utilize safe materials and equipment in maintaining the hygienic and pleasing ambiance of premises we maintain.

Our List of Services includes:

House Cleaning Services

Office Desk and Floor Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Toilet Cleaning Services

Sofa Shampooing and Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Pantry Operations & Maintenance

Restroom & Kitchen Clean Ups

Glass Facade & Exterior Clean Ups

Security Services

We are one of the leading and trusted suppliers of well-trained and valuable Security Guards. Our personnel is highly efficient in protecting commercial or industrial attests and properties in a professional manner. They would never let you feel insecure and can keep the premises clean from violence, theft and any illegal activities. Our professional guards are literate and alert enough to execute the given tasks with full responsibility and flexibility. One can access the services of our Commercial Security Guards at a very reasonable expense.

Our List of Services includes:

Commercial Security

Residential Security

Security Guards

Guarding Services

Armed Guards

Event SecurityGuards

Escort Duty Guards

Body Guards

Lady Guard

Equipment Security


BMS & CCTV Operators

Mobile Squad

Daily wage workers for farms and agricultural land


J CHRIST SECURITY AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Backed by a team of expert landscape architects, horticulturists and experienced support staff, vhas pioneered the art of crafting the most spectacular landscapes, which inspire a reign of 'boundless revival' for the body, mind & soul. Besides which, the competence of catering to a holistic array of garden maintenance works, makes J CHRIST SECURITY AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES an 'end-to- end' solutions provider in the realm of landscape designing and gardening.

Swimming pool maintenance.

We Provide swimming Pool Maintenance.